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Default Past/Present Draft Auto Redemption Contest

OK so I have this redemption....

WillC automatically gets a slot as I view him as the voice of reason in this folder and I don't think he has ever said a bad word against anyone here.

So there are 35 different redemptions.
I get the Kings (Of the Bucks if Fredette if he is pictured on their card but I don't think he will be)

WillC gets a slot.

So that leaves 33 slots open. If this redemption gets the Kyrie Irving I will sell the card and split the proceeds. If the card is any other player that sells for more than $25 I will sell the card and split the proceeds.
If the card sells for under $25 whoever is matched up with it can have it. They just need to pay for shipping.

In order to be eligible you must have been a member since January 2012, Must have an ITrader of 5 or above with NO warrented negatives.

I reserve the right to exclude any super trolls at my discretion

Once we have the 34 other people in I will ask a mod to random the list.

The 1st person will be matched with the highest drafter player and so forth.

So if the #4 pick does not have an auto and you have #4 you get the next highest player #5 and so on.

So lets get this filled.
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