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Default 24 Hour Sketch Sale!

1) Sale will Run for 24 hours starting at 12:00pm MST(now)

2) Purchases Must be paid for within 24 hours

3) A discount of 10% will be applied any purchases of 3 cards or more(does not apply to the shipping charge)

All prices are in USD and include shipping within Canada.

Shipping to the US please add $2.00

Shipping to Europe & Australia please add $4.00

There is no charge for any additional cards.

Please note that I reside in Canada, so shipping will take longer to the US, averaging 10-15 business days via Airmail from my location. If you cannot work within that time frame please do not purchase from me, I live in Northern Alberta and cannot guarantee a faster transit time even though I ship out promptly.

and done!!

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