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Originally Posted by mcgahee21nfl View Post
You aren't being apologized to. Nobody on here but Brandon is. For what its worth, he was apologized to a MONTH ago.

Glad you can judge if I don't belong here. Brandon was the one who was either wronged, or not wronged. He can and should be the only one to judge.
Brandon was the only one wronged??? Really????

So, you took my payment, ignored my messages for more than a month, and never refunded my payment, but I wasn't wronged??? Really???

PayPal refunded my payment because you neglected to make any effort to do so.. YOU DID NOT REFUND MY PAYMENT!!!

If you want to continue going back and forth on this and bring it to the top, that's fine by me.

If you had issues with me in the past and are harboring some resentment from that, well, I guess we're dealing with a mental midget who has hurt feelings; someone who needs to resort to payback rather than being an adult and acting as such...
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