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I didn't have issues with you in the past. You apparently had them with yourself, as you spouted off at me for not accepting offers you were making. Then, you continued to harass me on your other account.

Would it make me a mental midget for not wanting to deal with someone like you (someone I blocked on eBay)?

This is why I couldn't care less about your part of the deal, as I never in a million years would've dealt with you in the first place.

Brandon, even though he only bought half of the amount of cards you bought, will be given more compensation (you getting nothing), him getting his cards or equivalent value.

It is sad that people cannot realize there is certain situations where people have to go away for a bit, or may not be able to fulfill their obligations at the current time. Anyone who knows me, will know if nothing else I am fair to a fault, and will bend over backwards to make sure the other party is satisfied.

Brandon will be fully compensated, you will not. Hopefully you will never get to know the torture I had to endure over the time you were calling me out.

Feel free at any time to grow up, and stop the name calling and attacking, via forum and eBay, and then maybe you'll get treated as you'd like to be treated in the long run.
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