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This is you, marozc:
buyer purchased a $95 card from me and I got this message this morning:

Unfortunately, I can not make payment at this time. I know it is not much, but the most I can pay for this card is $85. If that is acceptable, please send a revised invoice, and payment will be made immediately. If it is not, please feel free to re-list the card. My sincerest apologies for the misunderstanding...


So yeah, forgive me if I don't share your thought process on what you think is "fair". You seem to only care about yourself, in a sick twisted way.

Theres enough people that have you blocked to make it clear as to why I would've never dealt with you.

And if you weren't that person, again, you would've been compensated properly like the other party.


And for anyone who feels I'm saying this ALL after the fact, and possibly making it up. read my post in that thread above.


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Bump again. Retard harassed/taunted me on a few cards for a while until I blocked him. Then he offered on the other name. Now both names blocked. Beware.

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