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Originally Posted by mcgahee21nfl View Post
What goes around comes around

You are still making an uncanny amount of eBay blocked bidder lists.
Post your EBay blocked bidder list!

Go settle all of your situations with all of those people, clean out your closet a bit, and then let me know how good of a dealer you are and why you should get your McCutchen, or value compensation (because they've increased) - like the other party is.


Now the real question is. What is your new eBay bidder name that you use to harass people on? You used go_blue9 to buy only until that got the boot. Now your seller name is so34diane, but again, what is the bidder name?
I was on one person's list, the same person that started the original thread.

Do you have any information about the deal, and why I offered a lesser amount, other than what that person supplied in the post? Just curious???

I wasn't a member at the time, and obviously wasn't able to defend myself.
In reading the post, it should have been obvious as to why I offered a lesser amount... I'll give you a hint, (shill bidding)..

Just the same, it happened a long time ago, and I could really care less what his opinion is of me..

As far as our dealings on eBay, I'm not sure which is more pathetic, the fact that you felt as though the dialogue was abusive, or the fact that you still have those messages available to provide in this message..

The funniest thing about it, is that I now recall the cards and the transaction details. They were Clay Buchholz Gold Refractors, cards you eventually sold to someone else and never shipped. It seems this is a trend with you, sell something and fail to ship... He also had to file a claim and wait to be reimbursed..

I, on the other hand, have 100% feedback on both of my accounts, goblue9, and so34diane, as well as this account. goblue_9 is no longer in use and so34diane is primarily used for selling. I very rarely buy on eBay any longer because of the shill bidding, false advertising, poor practices, etc, etc..

Again, if you harbored some sort of resentment based on our eBay dealing, I'm not sure why you couldn't refund my payment immediately. If you had realized I was someone that you did not want to deal with, why not refund my payment and be done with it? You signed into this site at least a few times after the transaction was completed, and were available via twitter. You neglected to respond to any of my or the other buyers concerns.

You're now responding to a post started a long time ago and trying to paint a better picture of yourself. YOU DID NOT REFUND EITHER ONE OF US, PAYPAL DID!!!! What you're doing to rectify the situation with the other person is none of my concern.

As for myself, I've been refunded by PayPal and the situation has been resolved as far as I care. I never bad mouthed you on this site as you did, and are now doing again..

I'm stupefied that this is all over a situation that happened a very long time ago, a deal that was never completed. I know that many messages can be misinterpreted through messaging centers but I'm not sure how or why the messages you posted could be construed as menacing.
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