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Default Topps 5 Star (Baseball)..... maybe?

Anyone thinking of doing one of these?
Is this product even worthy of a break since it is so high in price?

Depending on price of break I might be interested.

or maybe buy a case(s) and random the boxes?
3 Boxes per case

I dunno, I'm just putting it out there maybe someone more creative than me can see if this product can work as a Group Break.

1 Box-->1 pack--> 5 cards per pack
$470 pre sale right now

- Every Autograph is Signed Directly on Each Card!

Every Pack Delivers :
- 1 Autograph (Active Player)
- 1 Autograph (Retired Player)
- 1 Autographed Relic
- 1 Autographed Book or Autograph
- 1 Jumbo Jersey Relic, Patch, Bat Plate or Bat Knob
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