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so I read a message from you, expecting you were literally trying to take the high road. that you wanted to discuss things privately like adults?? Obviously this was not the case. In the post above you decided to call me pathetic?. I've given enough pure facts as to why I wouldn't want to deal with you, and why others wouldn't as well. AND 2 posts ago you told me: "If you want to continue going back and forth on this and bring it to the top, that's fine by me." So why did you taunt me into coming back at you? AND THEN write what you just did and so quickly message me to settle things like adults, implying I was the one not being one!?

Fact is, I would NEVER deal with you. Below apology ACCEPTED, and I will continue to have you blocked here, and there. I would implore everyone else to do the same. Also I would not wish to discuss ANYTHING with you ever again, as you are not worth the time.

from marozc:
"like adults privately, please let me know..

I'd rather not have the back and forth for the entire forum to view..

I can completely understand you not wanting to deal with me based on a prior situation.

The fact that it is being used as an explanation, or reason why I am not to be compensated, or not to be apologized to, is bad business and unethical.

You have your reasons for doing what you did, and are saying that there were underlying circumstances that kept you from answering messages and claims and that'd fine. But, to call me out, AGAIN, after already doing so a long time ago, and saying that I somehow had it coming doesn't make you any better than me...

Again, if you had sent me a message shortly after the transaction was completed explaining the dealings we had had prior, and that you did not feel comfortable dealing with me, that would have been fine..

The way it was handled, from my point of view, was devious. By saying what you're saying through this forum, it seems as if you did what you did, and could care less how it affected me because of a prior situation. Again, if that's the case, I'm not sure how that makes what you did, and are doing, any better than what I did.. The difference being, I never slighted you. I never, "took your money and ran," without and communication..

I apologize for whatever happened between us in the past.

Again, I hope we can discuss this privately from here forth if you so desire..


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