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Originally Posted by boxbust421 View Post
I see where this is going guys. Speculate and investigate as much as you all would like. I knew some of what needed to happen but not all as far as shipping goes.I've never done a deal to this extent. Call me ignorant if you will. I've had a long day and I'm more than happy to hop back in here and talk when I'm not drained or busy. I'll step back in here tomorrow. What's done is done. I think I've made it clear I'm not going to do anything I don't want to do. That's why I still have the card and that's why I now have 1 negative.
This seems like a reasonable response to me. At least you didn't leave retaliatory feedback, or start name calling. Yeah it sucks what you did regardless of the reasons, but at least you have handled yourself well.
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