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Originally Posted by cking View Post
The bottom line is this. A paypal address was exchanged, a deal was agreed upon and payment was sent. How is that not a deal? If thats not a finalized deal then please tell me what is. And someone calling the op a whiner is pretty ridiculous. He kept his end of the deal here and he is getting grief for it. You guys are clowns who have no idea of how to conduct business and thats why this board gets harder and harder to deal on. I dont even have an answer or thought for the people believing this was not a finalized deal. Payment was sent ,that makes the deal final. If the seller was not sure about doing the deal then that should have been 100% stated up front. Not afterwards. Unreal. Do you think it was an easy decision for the op to send 400 dollars to someone with 17 feedback? I will assume it was not but he kept his word and paid anyway.
You agreed on the deal, he sent the money. Its your job to send the card. Ive done quite a few 200+ deals and some over 500+. You just have to follow the proper steps and you will be fine. To be completely honest it sounds more like sellers remorse, then you not knowing. Cause its not hard to be like hey what do i need to do for this. And like said above, OP has the right to be like this, if i spent 400 bucks and than out of nowhere refunded to find out the deal was shot. I would be pretty ticked.
But do i think the seller is a bad person, no. Just follow better steps next time or dont put cards up for sale if you arent 100% sure you want get rid of.
Cause if your your going to pass it down to your son, there is alot of emotional attachment. Thats why i think sellers remorse.
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