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Originally Posted by rmaheras View Post
Thanks! I've been a collector myself for about 45 years, and bought my first non-sports cards in 1962 (both Mars Attacks and Civil War News). So I don't want any collector getting one of my sketch cards to be disappointed.

I'm new at the sketch card game, and my first gig was the recent Mars Attacks Heritage set, where I drew 108 sketch cards with 23 variations.

I'm kind of in a groove now, sketch card-wise, so when Topps asked me to do Star Wars Galactic Files, not only did I shoot for doing 106 variations, I wanted to do them all in color, as well. I was successful in both regards, as I finished all 106 different color sketch cards a week before the deadline, and they are all now at Topps for eventual random distribution.

I put together a video where I flip through all 106 cards, and I hope to post it on YouTube soon, as I just was cleared by Topps to publicly share the remainder of my SWGF sketch cards.

That is awesome! I am probably going to get a box of this stuff, I would love to pull one of your pieces!

dd316 - yours all look amazing as well!
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