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Default THE 'Official' Deal w/ This Person thread

that's right- we have a scam thread, now we should have an awesome person thread. Now I won't be actively trawling through this section to see the good threads, but if I do i'll add the person. You could also just post a reply to the thread with the person's username and what they did and a rough date. I'll kick it off with a few of mine (tons more I could add, but don't want to take over the show ).

Cool Guy/Gal List:

Tajikey : "Sent me a random PM asking for my address and said to expect a surprise. A few days later, a nice Mardy Gilyard showed up for my PC." 7/31/12 - Clarka3

zacsoccer6 : "We agreed to a trade and decided if we could meet in person while I was passing through his town we'd do that, otherwise just ship when I got back from my work trip. At between 12-1 a.m. I ended up swinging back through town and he met me at a nearby landmark where we did the trade. Tossed in a TON of PC extras at no cost to me." early summer 2012 - Clarka3

bigbensbff : "tons of reasons why Krup is on this list, but mainly our last deal was a little goofy. I bought a Pead off of him, but came to find out he accidentally shipped a Maze to me instead. Caught his mistake before the card arrived and just told me to keep the Maze and tossed in a PC extra as well as the Pead I originally bought in another package. Stand up gentleman, that guy." 7/29/12 - Clarka3

imbaked247 : "Picked me up while I was on vacation in his neck of the woods and took me 45 minutes out of the way to his card shop. Then had to take me all the way back before going home. Also hooked me up on a huge Von Miller PC deal earlier in the summer, and i mean it was a pretty one-sided trade in my favor." 7/10/12 - Clarka3

jlzinck : Always has been a class act in my book. I have more respect for this guy than most members of my own family. - added 8/2/12 by mmbtvs

Nodie27 : Great guy. Deserves every nice thing said about him and then some. - added 8/2/12 by mmbtvs

tamar3504 : Doesn't spend as much time on here as some others, but has been an extremely quality member for as long as I have known him. - added 8/2/12 by mmbtvs

Clarka3 : Yeah, I know he started this thread, but that's not a reason to disclude him. I think we all know from his comic con escapades what a tremendous individual he is. - added 8/2/12 by mmbtvs

mmbtvs : A few weeks ago he sent me a few autos free of charge. Stand up thing to do. - added 8/2/12 by ray27ray52 Also- free group break, anyone? - Clarka3 11/8/12

Wise4671 : I also got a care package from Wise4671 today that contained a sweet Ray Lewis patch card. He knew I would love it and decided to send it to me. - added 8/2/12 by ray27ray52

Marino5084 : "Bryce (Marino5084) saw one of my posts stating how my youngest was turning 7 and was starting to get into cards. He asked for my address and a few days later my son had a sweet haul of really nice football cards. Sending me free stuff is one thing but including my boy was above and beyond in my book. A+ member." - added 8/2/12 by oldgoldy97

90sbaseballfan : "This Member is a class act! He sent me a Paul Konerko relic for my PC free of charge!" - added 8/2/12 by Homerun

sdoug76 : bought the last PC card needed by a member for a rainbow with the intention of giving it to him as a gift. Saved me from the guilt of causing the member to lose the card while we hashed out a deal to get him the money for it - added 12/12/12 by Clarka3

[b]Dan Shakespeare[b] : Said he was sending me some PC Gilyards for no charge. Send me 33 different jerseys, autos, and jersey autos. I think only 3 were dupes! - added 12/12/12 by Clarka3
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