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Originally Posted by Noahkalifungo View Post
Paul Konerko 2/2 c/o home in just 9 days!!!
I saved the best of 7/16 for last, SOO excited about this return. He has had a fantastic career and incredible season (.323 AVG with 17 HRs). Unfortunately, the bottom of the envelope got wet (it's the bottom of the second column from the left in the picture from page 5) but luckily only the bottom left corners of each of the cards got a tiny bit damaged. Not a big deal for me at all, I'm just sooo excited to get this one back. And I can think of a certain White Sox fan that might enjoy this post

WOW, THAT'S AMAZING! Could you pm me the address?
I collect all Chris Sale 2010 Bowman Draft/Autograph cards. Let me know what you have.
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