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Originally Posted by Srt42004n View Post
Whens the wedding? Whats the point in itrader if people spend more time making "atta boy" threads
this attitude of yours is part of the reason you reside on my ignore list. this is not a thread to boast about a deal. this a thread to pat members on the back that went above and beyond. if we're going to have a running scammer thread (which is fine and I totally agree with it), then we should have a thread like this to balance out the negativity.

if you're upset that there's a thread that you won't be nominated for, then I'm sorry. ask jlznick for a participation ribbon, or lose the attitude and do right by people.

iTrader is here to keep track of who is a good dealer and who isn't. This is here to recognize and thank those that, for no reason other than to be nice, send care packages or random gifts of kindness here. These people named exemplify the best part of this hobby: making friends and making sure the cards/items get to somebody that will truly cherish them without thought of compensation.

so, in short- don't look here if you don't want to read it and see who the great members (myself not included) of Blowout are.
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