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Hello Blowout Cards community!

Many of you have met me from the other thread. I am Tim Getsch, founder of I am glad to announce that we have formed a partnership with Blowout Cards.

We are working together to build an ecosystem for card collectors. To kick things off, you can now use store credit earned from selling cards on to buy Blowout Cards gift certificates. You can then buy boxes & cases from Blowout Cards, break your boxes, keep the cards you want, and send us the rest to earn more store credit. You can use some of the store credit to buy other singles that you need, to buy more Blowout Cards gift certificates, or to get cash.

As a fellow collector, I am excited about the potential here. I have already used some store credit earned by one of my experimental accounts to buy a $1,000 Blowout Cards gift certificate. Many of the cards I buy from Blowout Cards will go right up for sale on

I would like this tread to be used as a place to post any questions, suggestions, or testimonials about I love to see excitement about new cards listed on CheckOutMyCards, but please do not use this thread to advertise your cards for sale.

Post your CheckOutMyCards listings here:
Spam your eBay & COMC listings here! (Naxcom, Sportslots, etc.) - Blowout Cards Forums

Add your COMC link to your avatar!
How do I add that COMC link in my profile/avatar?

Though I may not be able to respond to posts on a regular basis, I will be keeping an eye on this tread. Your feedback counts! I am not only the owner of; I am also the primary developer of the site.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.
Tim Getsch Founder & CTO

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