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Originally Posted by Noahkalifungo View Post
I put them in penny sleeves and toploaders. Do you put yours in 9 pocket pages? Sure, I would be glad to post a list of all of the MLB players when I'm done.
Originally Posted by Noahkalifungo View Post
Oh cool. Do you know what your count is right now for TTM returns?

I have successes from 40 different players, but I probably have 80 or so different things autographed.

On to 7/17!! ---------> 2 returns

Robbie Erlin 3/3 c/o San Antonio Missions in 8 days
Nice success from the Padres prospect who was traded from the Rangers in the Mike Adams trade. Maybe he switched to black sharpie after the blue didn't give on the Topps 100?

He also answered my questions:
Originally Posted by Noahkalifungo View Post
Kyle Crick 2/2 c/o Augusta Greenjackets in 10 days

HUGE success from my favorite player!!! I re-sent to him with a better prepped chrome and some questions, which he answered. I have a ton invested in this guy (in terms of cards) and I think he's going to be the next Matt Cain.

And the questions:
Thats really cool that you got your favorite player. I should start doing that question thing, that's really neat.
I collect all Chris Sale 2010 Bowman Draft/Autograph cards. Let me know what you have.
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