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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
another one bites the dust (on my ignore list).

and i found something funny while looking at quoted messages following an ignored poster: each person already on my ignore list was trying to defend the seller. looks like I chose well when I ignored some folk!

seller deserves a neg or neutral as the buyer sees fit in my opinion. he made the deal, took the cash, and then decided to refund (which was at least a positive), but still backed out of a deal.

we hold buyers to a standard that "i'll take it" means they'll pay, why not hold sellers to a "we have a deal" means they'll ship after payment.

and fyi, those that mentioned sig confirmation and insurance had it right about covering your ass as a seller.
Sounds like your just a class act on here all of a sudden... must have found god with your Mr. Goodguy hat, and your fanny pack of ignored users.
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