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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
another one bites the dust (on my ignore list).

and i found something funny while looking at quoted messages following an ignored poster: each person already on my ignore list was trying to defend the seller. looks like I chose well when I ignored some folk!

seller deserves a neg or neutral as the buyer sees fit in my opinion. he made the deal, took the cash, and then decided to refund (which was at least a positive), but still backed out of a deal.

we hold buyers to a standard that "i'll take it" means they'll pay, why not hold sellers to a "we have a deal" means they'll ship after payment.

and fyi, those that mentioned sig confirmation and insurance had it right about covering your ass as a seller.
Agreed 100%. I've seen members get neg'd for not following thru with payment in quick sales threads, this is the same case just on the flip side.

IMO I believe the "passing it down to my son" crap is a cop out. He has yet to mention anything about any sentimental value for the card, just keeps saying he was scared and didn't know how to ship. Weak move bringing the kid into it to get some kind of sympathy for backing out of a deal.
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