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Originally Posted by jdawg69420 View Post
I recently acquired Nick Diaz jumbo black plate, cyan and yellow base plates, Nate Diaz 1/1 red base, and Ronda Rousey 1/1 red auto.

So here's the updated needs list:
Nick Diaz Grill Gear
Base Card- /8 and 1/1
Base Card plates- need black
Finest Moments- /8, 1/1
Finest Moments plates- need 3 (have magenta)
Jumbo Fight Mat- /8 and 1/1, magenta and cyan plates

I'm also looking for the following cards from Finest 2012:
*Gilbert Melendez grill gear
*Ronda Rousey /8 auto(have 2 need the last 6), print plate autos (need black and yellow)
*remaining grill gear set (have Chael and Pearson, need the remaining 12)

how much that Rousey 1/1 auto run you?? had to be a pretty penny!!!
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