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Originally Posted by TrueNE_09 View Post
I think a few of us are equally confused....maybe I'm too new to group breaks, but it looks like the thing was just posted on 7/31...then people who immediately posted interest were told it was filled. What are we missing here? 270 spots? How's that?
Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Guys, when I post my large player draft breaks, I let everyone know via email, twitter, and youtube.

Because of the National (and a typo), the break approval was delayed. In the meantime, the break filled about 250+ spots.

I was not trying to be a jerk or anything, it just happened this way due to circumstances beyond my control.
Originally Posted by jpitten View Post
he started filling it up in his club first and then posted it on here. it took 3 days to be approved on here and meanwhile 95% of the spots were taken by group members
Yeah, it just wasn't approved in time. The National hurt us because almost everyone is there. Plus, I had a copy/paste error that delayed it from last night.

These breaks usually fill fast anyway. I think I filled a 300 spot break in about 30 minutes once - that is why I give the early warning.

If it had gone live on July 31st, it would've filled right away.
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