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I stumbled on the "Coming Soon" features on your Website. Any feedback of how soon these items will be rolled out? Some real cool ideas!

Coming Soon...

Want Lists
Get notifed when cards on your wantlist are added to the site. Let other users know what you want, so they have incentive to add those cards to the site.

Users will be able to create "bargain lots", complete sets, or even set a sale price for their entire collection. You will be able to buy these lots, keep the cards you want, turn around, and sell the rest.

eBay Auctions
Want to auction off some cards? You will be able to list individual cards or lots on eBay. The winner of the auction will have the choice of having the cards shipped or having them transferred to their account. If the cards are transferred to their account, the user can choose what to do with each card independently. Some may be shipped to the user, some may be listed on, and some may even be listed on eBay again. Store
Create a portal to that shows only your cards and displays your branding.

Personal Website
Show off your collection. Let people know your favorite players, teams, cards...
Please drop me a PM if you have any of the following for sale: Topps Baseball 1953-1967
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