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Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post

In the mean time, you could sort by 'Recently Added' after you've run your original search. Determine which card is YOUR most recently added card at any given time, and then anything appearing ahead of it in your search will be something new to the site.

For example, I just ran a search for "sportkings" and sorted by "Recently Added" and the first card listed is a Bo/Barry/Brown Gold Triple Jersey /10 (your card). If you bookmark that search, any cards listed ahead of that card are ones new to the site. If that card remains the first card listed, then no new cards have been added to the site. Anytime you add more yourself, just figure out which one comes up first.

Cards matching: sportkings -

If there are older ones scattered between yours that you want to keep an eye on, you could add them to your cart and just leave them there. As long as you check them on the same computer you added them to your card on, they should still be there each time you log in (until or unless they sell anyway).
Or could you just add the date the cards were added to the site?

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