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I'm a sketch guy too. Love the other sketches posted so far. For those who haven't held/collected them, most of the scans don't do the cards/art justice - you really should see some in person!

Really hard to only list 10 and put them in order but here goes --->

10. Cat Staggs - Namora (Women of Marvel). First colored sketch I ever pulled... thought it was a base card until the whole box was broken and I couldn't find the 'hit'

9. Michael "Locoduck" Duron & his oldest daughter, Hailey - Incredible Hulk (Avengers Assemble). Pack-pulled - first card I've ever seen done by father/daughter (father drew, daughter colored).

8. Edward Cherniga - Incredible Hulk (Avengers Assemble). Pack-pulled.

7. Jason Potratz & Jack Hai - Black Widow (Spiderman Archives). Purchased.

6. Adriana Melo - Hawkeye (Avengers Assemble). Pack-pulled.

5. Mick and Matt Glebe - Iron Man (Avengers Assemble). Pack-pulled - they only did five!

4. Jason Potratz & Jack Hai - Domino (Dangerous Divas). Purchased - four-card puzzle!

3. Benjamin Glendenning - Magneto/Wolverine "Fatal Attractions" (X-Men Archives). Commissioned - 4x5 Artist-Proof.

2. Jason Potratz & Jack Hai - Spiderman/Mary Jane (Spiderman Archives). Traded for - 4x5 Artist-Proof.

1. Jason Potratz & Jack Hai - Carnage vs. Black Cat/Venom (Spiderman Archives). Commissioned - 4x5 Artist-Proof.

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