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Originally Posted by YakuzaShoeii View Post
Great HoW David Hunter! Also, nice Ed O'Neil - Gracie BJJ Blackbelt!

1 - Ella Fitzgerald / Sarah Vaughan - "First Lady of Song" & "The Divine One"
2 - Chester Nimitz - Five-star admiral/US NAVY. Commander of the Pacific Fleet & signed Japanese surrender WWII.
3 - John J. Pershing - General of the Armies WWI
4 - John Bell Hood - Civil War General
5 - Dan Gable - Gold Medal in Freestyle Wrestling in 1972@Munich. Overall record of "97-5". Head coach @ University of Iowa where he won 16 NCAA team titles from 19761997.
6 - Andre Galvao, Rafael Mendes, Guilherme Mendes - BJJ Black Belts
7 - Frank Gotch - First American to win world free-style championship, credited for popularizing wrestling in the US. Competed back when contests were largely legitimate.
8 - Rulon Gardner - Gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling in 2000@Sydney. Defeated Russian Aleksandr Karelin, who was previously undefeated in 13 years.
9 - John Deacon - legendary bassist for QUEEN
LOL Nimitz and Pershing ... thread over
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