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Hi Tim,

Thank you for continuing to move COMC forward. I am optimistic that this will be the marketplace for collectors in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

There are some ideas I have to help improve the usability of the site. Here are a couple of them:

-I'd like to be able to flag items in my inventory with much more variety than currently available. For instance, I may want to flag cards for my own PC ('not for sale' could work for that), separate cards for my brother, cards that I may want to change the price on soon if they don't get any interest, etc.. Several different colored flags could serve this purpose in any way imaginable.
This could even be taken to the next level with the implementation of automatic flags (perhaps with email notifications). Examples would include cards with:
*recent price increases
*recent price decreases
*no purchase after being for sale for more than X amount of time
*no offers after X amount of time
*asking prices between $.26 and $.5 (this is particularly useful toward the end of the month)

-I think the single most useful improvement that the site can benefit is advanced browsing and filtering capabilities similar to those that Beckett use now. In addition to sport and year, I would like the option to filter by:
*min price and max price
*card types (game used, autographed, serial #'d, etc.--the ability to select multiple options is critical)
*seller name (if practical w/ a drop down list)
I have lost a lot of hours looking for things like cards with a BV of at $5 priced at least 90% off. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would buy much more actively if they could easily find game used Red Sox cards priced at least 60% off book (but with an asking price no higher than $10). I realize this may be difficult to implement but if it is at all possible this could provide a remarkable transformation.

I hope these ideas help! Keep up the good work!
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