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I was pretty disappointed with this show. My main goal - track down Will Clarks I need. If I'm gonna find any, this should be the place. I counted 3 total Clarks and they were all cards that anybody should already have. The only Clark I got was the Leaf promo and I ordered that online before I went for $1.

I ended up buying a few things just so I didn't go home empty handed, but most of the "deals" on boxes weren't any better than I could get them for online. Someone had Mars Attacks boxes for $41, that was about the best deal I found, and even that's only $4 less than the average price. Big whoop.

Most of the redemption programs sucked. You really needed to spend a lot to get anything half decent.

I did get to chat briefly with Dr. Price which was cool.

If they do this again in Baltimore I might skip it next time. It really wasn't worth the drive.
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