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Originally Posted by jetscollector10 View Post
Here is my analysis. Results with cards will have to come later in weekend when I have time.

Overall, I had a great time. It was very similar to other large shows, expect much more free swag.
1) The panini redemption packs and the topps bowman platinum set really carry the most demand for collectors. Everyone goes nuts when the topps booth starts giving the 100 packs away, and the Panini line for the redemption packs was HUGE!. I waited over an hour, but the packs are well worth it.

COMC will no longer be posting BVs along with the cards. So if you search cards that you want to buy, it will only have the sale price next to it, not the BV. You WILL be able to see BVs of your cards. You will have the option of paying 10$/month to get the BVs in your search.

3) The seller's there are, for the most part, awful. They sell mainly over ebay, and buy way under ebay, and expect you to be ok with it. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Oh, so your are asking sell value on these" with disdain in their voice. Like, "how can you come to a card show and ask for their actual value." Like it's totally crazy to do that.

4) I have to say it, but Blowout really takes the cake, and was one of the highlights of the show. They are pretty great (I like to say that BO is front and center at the show, both the store and the odor).
They are friendly, market well, and their raffle was one of the most popular events of the day. They gave away some AMAZING prizes. They are hands down the best company/distributor there. They also had great free stuff that they run around giving to people (grocery bags, 5$ off coupons, mag holders, etc.)

5) I met Jenknssss, Idol and a few others from the Blowout forums. They were real cool to talk to and deal with.

6) Comc booth was great. I was able to drop off a few items really easily to sell on the site. They also went through the new site changes and how they look.
Am I missing something? Is the object of someone who retails sports cards to make money? Why would they pay you the exact same price they could get out of it? Seems tough to make money and pay the overhead that way. I cant think of any business with that model.
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