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For those that haven't seen it yet...

# Minimum order is 50 cards
# Available the last 7 days of the month
# Packaged the first week of the month
# Shipped securely without sleeves
# Shipped via USPS Priority Mail
# $15 for the first 50 cards
# 15¢ for each additional card
# $10 extra for international orders
# $1 extra for each graded card

I'd just like to give kudos to Tim and the team at COMC for implementing this new rate. Its even better than I was hoping it would be. The lower the S/H is for our buyers, the more they will be willing and able to buy, and thus the better things will be for the COMC sellers. So with that said, I think there is still room for improvement in the future. But I believe this is definitely a fair deal for our buyers... and especially for buyers like me who are also sellers and do a lot of buying of cards to have cards shipped.

It has not even been a year since I discovered COMC and began buying/selling there... but in less than a year I have been more impressed with the innovations that have taken place there than I've been with anything ebay has done in the last decade. COMC truly is the future of buying/selling in this hobby!
Domestic orders over 50 cards ship ABSOLUTELY FREE with me, copy and paste this URL:
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