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don't be surprised if you don't sell any low-mid end either, as if you can't follow through on a "higher" end sale, all of a sudden you can't follow through on a mid-lower end sale. I get the sense you had seller's remorse in having sold the card, plain and simple.
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I never claimed it was right. I realize it questions my integrity with not following thru on a deal. I'd love for this thread to stay at the top all weekend long so whoever feels like they would never want to deal with me can go ahead and add me to their ignore list and we can all move on. I ask everyone to please block me now if you think I am a tool and do not want to ever deal with me based on this transaction I bounced on. I can also tell everyone that I'll never sell a higher end card because of what took place. I'd rather keep it low-mid.
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