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You can say what you want. You're entitled to that and it's no sweat off my balls. As much as people scam and get scammed, I just don't want to take that chance on something that is worth that much. I won't put myself in that position. It would be a big hit on me if I ended up selling something for alot and something went south and I was out that much money. 5, 10 or even 20 dollars would piss me off, but it wouldn't be devastating. I know I look like an ass for putting the card up and then selling and refunding and backing out. I changed my mind. What can I say?
Has no one ever in all of their existence changed their mind on something? Christ, you guys(and gals) are ridiculous when it comes to your questions. I didn't get a better deal. I didn't attempt to execute a scam. I just changed my mind and didn't go thru with the deal. Really simple. I threw it out there to Peekaboo and his 600 feedback. Then, enters whatever his name is with his 20 feedback asking if it's still available. I said sure. I was game. Deal happened, money sent, almost ready to leave for the post office and here it is fellas..... Wait for it.......... I changed my mind. You can say it's his card because he paid. I say it's mine until it leaves my hands. I refunded dude as soon as I got home from work so his money was not in my account any longer than it had to be. I told him why after I refunded. Everyone is asking the same question--Why did you put it up for sale? I am not f*cking perfect. That's all I got guys. I'm not going to scheme up an elaborate plan to convince everyone that I had a legitimate excuse for not selling. I believe in posession being 9/10's of the law and #@#@#@#@. That's why I gave his money back first and explained second. It was wrong for me to hold onto his money any longer when I decided I was going to keep the card. I could have easily made myself invisible from this place and ignore everyone and keep the payment and money. I may have been wrong for backing out but I'm alot classier than I appear on this forum right now.
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