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Default DO NOT DEAL WITH johnboy

I posted it in the correct area so mods can delete this if they feel like it! Thanks

I sent him a card with was securely packaged ( I had a problem with this is one of my earlier trades and now I package with the cards in toploaders and depending on the card surround it with dummies and tape over the top). He says the card is damaged. I questioned that it was damaged because the type of damage that was on the card was clearly not from the package getting thrown around. If the corners were damaged or something like that then I would have understood. But it looked like he had cut part of the card up or something. i had no idea how it wouldve gotten like that. So I told him that and he told me the card was shipped in only tape (NO TOPLOADER) I then told him that I ship all cards in a toploader and he said oh well there might have been a toploader. Therefore already changing his story he keeps telling me that he needed this card to resell. (Not a super valuable card. Matt Adams Jumbo Jersey Auto he bought for 20). I agreed to send him other card/cards that are worth around 30-40 dollars. He continues to message me and tell me that he wants them early next week etc. I told him they would get out soon and should be there late next week or early the week after. THEN he proceeds to leave me negative feedback! with the comment being card was damaged and agrees to send replacements)

So basically don't deal with this kid johnboy. I know that the card was damaged by him or in the process of being opened but there is not much I can do. I agreed to send replacements AND i still get a negative. Smh.

Sorry for the long read guys. Just wanted to let you guys know to be careful with this kid.

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