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Originally Posted by ghost View Post
If we send in a card with no book because it is too soon to book, will the value be updated?
Yes, they update book values periodically. It doesn't seem to be automatic, so values may not be updated right away. However, if you notice the book value is wrong you can notify the site and they will look into updating it.
Originally Posted by ghost View Post
Also, what about book value changes? As in I send a card in bv at $25, then it jumps to $75.
Book value changes are handled the same way. About once a month you will get an email with a spreadsheet that details your price changes. I have noticed that usually your asking price will be removed when a BV goes up so you will have the opportunity to adjust the price before someone buys it.

Originally Posted by ghost View Post
For sellers, you pay the initial card fee, and any storage fees, and that is it? I know the cashing out fee, but is that all there is? It seems like it, but I just want to make sure.
That pretty much covers it. Of course there are shipping costs, but those are paid by the buyer. This is indirectly relevant to sellers, however, because some of your cheap cards will be hard to move; almost no one will buy a penny card because it doesn't actually cost a penny--it costs at least 16 cents if you are the one taking it home. However, because there are no storage fees for asking prices of 25 cents or less, it is often worth the risk to try to flip these cheap cards.
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