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Originally Posted by dirtydistance View Post
Love em or hate em, Beckett is also a business and they have to make money as well...if everyone could freeload their BVs off COMC, they're missing out on a lot of revenue, so I understand them offering a discounted service to COMC customers.

A question about my $55 boxes, I sent them in, but I didn't enclose a paper stating they're for the $55 special, however my 5 boxes have "dirtydistance $55 special" on the one end, so that should be fine?

I think I was able to get just under 2,100 cards into mine..of course, I went for the value here and sent thinner cards(mostly rookies, numbered, inserts, minis, autos and a few thinner jersey cards) did everyone else do?
My LCS didn't have any 550 count boxes, so I bought a 660 count, and cut off one end so the external dimensions matched exactly that of a 550 count. I also wrote this brief explanation on the box I submitted, along with my username and "5th Anniversary Special" on EVERY side. I think I managed to squeeze in close to 400 cards into the thing. The Chrome thickness and slight bowing sure didn't help me have more room to send more.
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