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I just want to say that I have only had positive experiences with COMC and I sent all 5 550 count boxes out the other day. Very glad that I finally took the plunge and started selling there at the end of May.


I also have been experimenting with port sales. One thing I noticed here is that people are putting up ports sales and then after that port sells they are putting another set of cards for sale and then selling them.

I have bought 4 ports. I thought all 4 looked like good deals.

1 was a wash - cost under $100 but I could not price the cards at what I paid. It looked good to me at first with lots of vintage, but without examining every vintage card I took so many priced at $20 that I got for $2.00 that are not worth $1.00. haha.

2 I might about break even if everything sold. These were very similar lots that actually had many, many of the same cards. Turns out they were the same guy and I am a sucker. haha. That's ok though - I have spent a hell of a lot more money to learn less valuable lessons.

The last port I purchased (at around $200) will easily double my money or better. Great port and I am ecstatic for the purchase.


Finally, I see a direct correlation in eBay's announcement and COMC's announcement. Does anyone agree that eBay actually (thank the Lord) feels threatened by COMC?

Is the eBay free listing announcement a bloody nose to COMC or more?

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My LCS didn't have any 550 count boxes, so I bought a 660 count, and cut off one end so the external dimensions matched exactly that of a 550 count. I also wrote this brief explanation on the box I submitted, along with my username and "5th Anniversary Special" on EVERY side. I think I managed to squeeze in close to 400 cards into the thing. The Chrome thickness and slight bowing sure didn't help me have more room to send more.
You are ok here. What they said they would do for people without access to 550 count boxes is transfer your cards for you. Say you sent in a 660 count box but with only cards that would fit in the 550 - works ok.

The guys that said they were going to send 550 cards in whatever box they had - they would transfer as many cards into an actual 550 count box and process them at the special. The rest go regular rate.
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