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Originally Posted by shinnox View Post
like your youtube vids!

im kinda excited for em. dont really like the look of them, and the celeb cuts seem kinda cheesy. i liked reflexxions better. but maybe this set will have better star hits in them.
Thanks man!

Totally agree on the celeb cuts. There are three I would like to have but not going to beat myself up if I never get them. Brooke Hogan, Toby Keith, and then....Rowdy Roddy Piper! Other than that not too impressed.

I did like the Reflexxions set and am having a blast getting them signed TTM and in person. I think what is going to make this set is the Auto Relics/Plain relics. Looking over the list, there aren't too many just plain boring/bad hits. Excited for that more than anything. and on top of that, if you don't get a relic it is replaced with a celeb cut auto which I think will do very well in trade and on the market. They're going to appeal to a wide variety of collectors.
2012 TNA Reflexxions on card set COMPLETE! Thank you everyone who gave me leads, addresses, sold to me or traded. Much appreciated!

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