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Originally Posted by screamingdc View Post
Saw Total Recall on friday. Big plus having Kate Beckinsale as an ass kicking villain. Decent movie overall, but nothing classic like the original.

This has been a great summer movie season. Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and Ted were my favorites so far. Saw the Dictator which wasn't worth the price of admission. I totally have forgotten Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which was good, but also not memorable. MIB 3 was an okay movie that brought a nice end to the series. And I'm at least hopeful that they can continue the story with The Amazing Spiderman. I am however, not looking forward to a sequel of Snow White and the Huntsman.

As far as movies in the future that I will watch, The Bourne Legacy, The Campaign, The Expendables 2, Premium Rush, Lawless, Resident Evil, Looper, and Taken 2 are ones that I will definitely see.

How was Snow white and the huntsman...I keep putting it off.
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