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Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
I was pretty disappointed with this show. My main goal - track down Will Clarks I need. If I'm gonna find any, this should be the place. I counted 3 total Clarks and they were all cards that anybody should already have. The only Clark I got was the Leaf promo and I ordered that online before I went for $1.

I ended up buying a few things just so I didn't go home empty handed, but most of the "deals" on boxes weren't any better than I could get them for online. Someone had Mars Attacks boxes for $41, that was about the best deal I found, and even that's only $4 less than the average price. Big whoop.

Most of the redemption programs sucked. You really needed to spend a lot to get anything half decent.

I did get to chat briefly with Dr. Price which was cool.

If they do this again in Baltimore I might skip it next time. It really wasn't worth the drive.
are you serious? panini's wrapper redemption was insane! you could of spent as little as $65 for 6 packs that had a lot of value in them. i spent $130 to get 12 packs & ended up with 2 draft hat relics, a signed 8x10, a cracked ice, 2 RG3's, 1 luck, a yu darvish plate /5, a michael jackson /5, & more! and i spent like $150 on leaf products & got a josh gibson 1/1 printing plate AND a shoeless joe 1/1 printing plate with my leaf bucks...for essentially free. upper deck also gave away packs with insane autos & topps bowman platinum sets have sold for around $100, if you could get one.

you didn't need to spend that much to take part in these, plus the company's are pretty much giving away this stuff for free, so how can you say they sucked?
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