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Went back again yesterday. Here are some more comments:

7) Mike Trout Mike Trout Mike Trout. He is what everyone is clamoring for there. From his base rcs to his autos to wax with his stuff, everyone is obsessed with him (and for good reason). It's pretty crazy to see one guy carry a hobby.

8) Vintage was probably the most common booth. It does really well everywhere, and it was very popular, with mostly older folk, throughout the show.

9) Went back for more Panini packs. These are so addicting and fun to open. Great value too.

10) Also, despite warnings before hand about local teams not selling there, I found Baltimore teams sold VERY well, and were in high demand. Sure, there was a lot of supply too, but dealers were scooping them up, as a lot of locals were buying them up. Washington team too, but to a lesser extent.
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