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This is the message just sent:

I have three spots available. 2 go to wolffer12 and 1 to Divino.

However, if they are not able to respond, we might have spots for crose and gmoney000 as well.

Wolffer12 - please claim the 2 spots in the thread and pay. I will refund you the extra $1.50.

Divino -
please claim the spot in the thread and pay. I will refund you the extra $1.50. If another opens, we will handle that then - no sweat.

This offer is good until 6:00pm est.

crose and gmoney000, if these spots are not claimed by 6pm, you get first shot, but you have to post in the thread PRIOR to 6pm for your claim.

In the event that there are spots still available after 6pm with no claims, they go first come first serve. ok?


wolffer12 (2)
Divino (2)
crose (2)
gmoney000 (2)
If the reserve list does not have all these spots claimed and paid by 6:01pm est, they will open up to people here who post a claim AFTER 6:01pm. First come, first serve.

Do not claim these spots now - it will not count. Why? Because people claim spots now and when I ask them to pay at 6:01, they are no where around.

I WILL submit the random by 6:15 or so.
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