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I did an "experiment" for the month of July: upgraded my basic store to premium ($15.95 ---> $49.95) and listed a little over 500 cards, all BIN at $0.99ea (all cards were either SPs, refractors, or some form of parallel).

After the smoke cleared, I sold exactly 100 cards, resulting in $99 in sales and $109 in fees (-$10 profit, not including Paypal fees).

Needless to say I'm a little frustrated. It was a LOT of work and I'm out of pocket for the whole experience.

Are BIN's the wrong way to go for cheap cards? According to the ebay store fee illustrator eBay: Fee Illustrator I would have only paid $72 in fees if I had ran them auction-style, but I assume that is only listing them for 1-week during the month and not relisting them every 7 days(?)

Any advice from the pros?
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