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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
You are ok here. What they said they would do for people without access to 550 count boxes is transfer your cards for you. Say you sent in a 660 count box but with only cards that would fit in the 550 - works ok.

The guys that said they were going to send 550 cards in whatever box they had - they would transfer as many cards into an actual 550 count box and process them at the special. The rest go regular rate.
Thanks for the reply, Houdini! Appreciate it, and the relief it brings. Wasn't looking forward to a $103 bill cause I did something wrong

Edit: Just got the email from COMC stating that they received my package. They are processing it under the 5th Anniversary Special with an additional $20 off based on the coupon I submitted for first time sellers. They said I have approximately 450 cards, which comes down to roughly 8 cents processing fee per card. Man, for my first experience with COMC, I must say, I am VERY impressed

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