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We also have 24 commited to the full case of TTT. Please be certain that you want to do this as backing out at the last minute kind of screws over the others involved.

The way this will work is the club dues will cover the first 9 boxes, you will receive all hits from those 9 boxes for the $45 fee.

The additional 9 boxes will be opt in, if you choose to add funds you will receive all cards from the additional 9 boxes for your team as well. Silent auction will cover the entire 18 box master case as everyone is in for the master case.

So far the price per team comes out to:

Case price $1617.50/24= 67.40
$69.35 + $2 additonal for shipping/supplies= $71/team
$71+$45(club fee)= $116 per team.

Subject to change if people opt in or drop out.

Can someone double check my numbers?

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