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I have enjoyed seeing other member's favorite NS cards. Here are mine in ascending order. 1.)Hughes-reason: style...the man can close his eyes and draw this stuff. For anyone keeping track, the case(s) came from BO from their 1st Black Friday(cases were $99...who can resist at that price). 2.) Corroney Panoramic-reason: consistent...with Joe, you know what you going to get and he rarely disappoints. Purchased on release. 3.) Corroney-reason: my first 'high-end' pull from Indy heritage. I'm sure you know how frustrating the product can be so pulling legit 'art' is extremely satisfying. 4.) Smalls-reason: wow...when I pulled it I was dumbfounded. It could be the pose or the subtle watercolor but I was shocked and it has been in my PC since 2007. 5.) Mangue--reason: color explosion...she was selling her returns @scoundrels so I didn't hesitate to pick up an Indy from KOTCS. 6.) Dastick-reason: perfect image / perfect execution in capturing the 'Austrian goodbye'. 7.) Tone-reason: Image is perfect in the sense you don't even consider it 'Family Guy'. They did some great artwork/parody in both Inkwork's Family Guy sets. 8.) De Liz-reason: style...she has it but she has fans for a good reason so purchasing her art is out of the question. Pulled from a box and treasured. 9.) Kohse-reason: Pencil is impressive. Comparison to W&W brothers from other Indy releases makes you appreciate good pencil work. 10.) Teranishi-reason: the man is subtle and you can pick up his work for cheap. Take a look at the image to see the variations you can find in his work. A long time favorite of mine. Thanks for reading this far.
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