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Originally Posted by NonFlammable View Post
I did an "experiment" for the month of July: upgraded my basic store to premium ($15.95 ---> $49.95) and listed a little over 500 cards, all BIN at $0.99ea (all cards were either SPs, refractors, or some form of parallel).

After the smoke cleared, I sold exactly 100 cards, resulting in $99 in sales and $109 in fees (-$10 profit, not including Paypal fees).

Needless to say I'm a little frustrated. It was a LOT of work and I'm out of pocket for the whole experience.

Are BIN's the wrong way to go for cheap cards? According to the ebay store fee illustrator eBay: Fee Illustrator I would have only paid $72 in fees if I had ran them auction-style, but I assume that is only listing them for 1-week during the month and not relisting them every 7 days(?)

Any advice from the pros?
Send me a PM with a link to one of your listings. Ill take a look at it.

Usually when selling $1 cards, you really have to list with some sort of system. In other words, list all of your Andrew McCutchen cards or list all of your Detroit Tiger cards at the same time. People that are buying $1 cards are usually player or team collectors. Also, set builders will be your target customer as well.

One last thing, what is your combined shipping policy? That also has a huge infulence on buyers of $1 cards.

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