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2002 Donruss Studio Mike Schmidt 0264/1000....Always liked Michael Jack, so I had to have at least one...

2011 Plates & Patches Devery Henderson 264/299

This is football 264 "variant" #500

2011 Sweet Spot Ryan Kerrigan 264/599

A special package of freebies from jeffro023. Jeff PM'd me to see if I had interest in the Dre, but since it was his PC, I passed. Received these two from him today. Thanks a ton, Jeff.

2012 Elite Dre Kirkpatrick 264/399

2011 Topps Prime Leonard Hankerson 264/930

From my friend Down Under OZTATAR, Alex adds another to the pile. Thank you Sir!

2011 Crown Royale Akeem Ayers 264/499

My Bucket:

Better Bucket:

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