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Here's what I got. Some of what you're looking for and some other rare things. I have a full spare room of wrestling memoribilia as I used to run production for one of the local under-feds here in Tampa and have been able to collect stuff, meet the wrestlers, etc. I can pull a full list if you'd like, but here's some highlights out of the collection.

WWE Heritage Ringside Relics - Event Used Mats
Melina v Torrie Wilson
JBL v Batista
Gregory Helms v Super Crazy
Rey Mysterio Jr vs Chavo Guerrero
Lita v Mickie James
Kane v Umaga
Booker T v Christian

WWE Aggession - Mattitude - Event Used Mem
Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle
Hulk Hogan
Triple H

WWE Tuff Guys - Event Used Mem
Brock Lesnar

TNA Autographs
Super Eric

WWF Royal Rumble - Event Used Mat - Scotty 2 Hotty
WWF Wrestlemania Title Shots - Event Used Mem - Kane
WWF Wrestlemania - Event Used Mat - Mat Finish Brock Lesnar
WWF Champions and Contenders - Steve Austin v The Rock
WWF Raw is War - War Booty - Official Ring Skirt Patch - William Regal
WWF Matching Sets - Event Used Mem - Trish Stratus & The Big Show
WWF Wrestlemania - Main Event Mem - European Title Match Used Ring Mat - Test v Eddie Guerrero
WWF All Access - Event Used Mem - Undertaker
WWE Heritage - Chrome Auto - Tatanka

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