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On the bright side, she's no Sincy. Christine Sinclair is the best women's soccer player ever. And her performance today proved that.

Our goalie blew it. She's been having an awful tourney, and this just shows why she needs to not play in the bronze game.
I quite like the goalie. I was watching it here in England and BBC commentators said she is one of the best in the world. They just said that USA got a few lucky goals. I wont use the word "lucky" but you get the point. I actually had a chance to meet her in person in the first round after a game. She is probably the nicest player you will ever met. She signed for everyone and chatted with everyone despite the security guard kept telling her to leave. She later said " You guys came from Canada to watch us, I am not leaving because security guards can go home early."
Collecting Taiwanese players (Wei-Yin Chen, Chien Ming Wang, and Kuo), Brett Lawrie, and HOFers.
Also willing to trade for autographed memorabilia or other cards. Thanks guys!!
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