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Originally Posted by coltsfan23 View Post
Thank you guys for your awesome site! I have picked up many great deals that I never would have found had it not been for your site.

I was wondering if you guys could add a message box on the offer page? As a buyer, I'd feel better to get an idea of what the seller would like on some of their cards. Sometimes I want to make an offer on a lot of cards from a seller, but there may be a couple of cards that the seller wants full value for. As the buyer, I wouldn't really have any way of knowing that (unless they are already members of this forum and I can PM them).

Please let me know if this is a possible addition that can be made. Thank you and great work with your site!
Sounds like you want a feature where you can express interest in a card, but you think the asking price is too high... Hmmm.... I will think about that. FYI, I am not a fan of letting people communicate directly on the site. That opens up a whole new class of potential security issues that I am not looking forward to policing.
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