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I agree with this guy.

I'm waiting on a payment for a guy I bookie for so that I can in turn pay my mortgage payment.

Hopefully my client will pay on time. If not I'll just take whatever excuse he uses and let my mortgage company know. I know for a fact that they will be understanding.

Why don't we have more members on here like ILikeThatCard???

Originally Posted by ILikeThatCard View Post
I understand that, but the guy was a man about it. Told you the truth. In today's economy you don't know what he is working with. Plus the deal that fell thru, I'm sure he was way cooler about it than this seller was.
The Deflategate truthers are like one of those doomsday cults that declare the world is going to end at a certain date and time, and when it doesn’t, they just say “Whoops! We were slightly off in our math,” and then just pick another date.
Also, David Ortiz thinks he is bigger than the game.
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