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RAISMAN. One of the most incredible displays of mental toughness, leadership and grace from ANYONE, let alone an 18-year old girl, that you will ever see over a period and a half.

- Beats best friend fair and square for a spot in all-around. Doesn't act apologetic, doesn't act arrogant. Treats the situation perfectly as media paints it as "Shocking", basically ignoring the fact Raisman even got the spot.

- Wins team Gold with a fantastic performance as team captain, clinching it with a tremendous floor routine.

- Struggles in individual all-around with all the pressure in the world to show she's deserving. TIES for third...LOSES tie-breaker. No begging for pity. No excuses

- Watches her teammate Gabby Douglas win all-around and grab all the attention from America, no hard feelings, just abundant congratulations.

- Watches her other best friend blow the Gold she was basically guaranteed to win.

- Appears to have fallen just short in the beam finals after getting underscored. Review gives her Bronze, not exactly the most ideal way to win a medal.

- Wins the first American Gold in floor EVER. Become's the first American EVER to win three medals and two golds in one olympics. And she does it with one of the best routines she will ever do.

Movies couldn't create a character story line like that over a two week period. Remarkable.

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